O u r  M a n e g e m e n t



 He has very wide experience in Management  and his  specialty is excellent liaison with  Ministry Bank, and all Government Agencies.Heis the Key person involved in traditional  sales of mica since over 40 years. He has   travelled out of India to almost every part of the globe.


He is actively engaged in the technological development of mica based products and sophisticated mica based electronic components, which have registered a considerable growth in exports of the Company under his dynamic vision. His specialities are silvered mica plates upto finished capacitors. Apart from this, he is also looking after properties and investments of the Company.


He has over 45 years experience in quality and production processes of Mica. He is in-charge of entire administration in our factories. He is ably assisted by his sons Mr. Arun Pilania and      Mr. Anil Pilania


His speciality is Mica Scrap, Powder and Flake production. He is In-charge of total factory finance



His speciality is Fabricated Mica, all types of processed Mica and Micanite products. He is in-charge of domestic sale of Mica.

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