Laminated mica or mica products are employed in electrical engineering already since the turn of the century. Micanite is the name given to sheet material which is made up of fine mica lamellae, called "Splittings", bonded together by a variety of bonding agents such as Shellac, epoxy , alkyd or silicone, in order to obtain particular characteristics for specific uses. Variations can be made in the method of manufacture, the types of Mica, and the type of quantity of bonding material used to form thick or thin, stiff or flexible products in the form of sheets, webs or ribbons and also moulded articles.

Paper Micafolium is a traditional insulating material having many applications for general purpose work and in particular for the insulation of bus bars. It is made by bonding clear Mica Splittings onto Electrical Kraft Paper by means of a Shellac bond. It is supplied in the form of rolls and are mainly used for the manufacture of cones for assembley for commutators, sleeves for insulation of bearings, slot cell, clamps and tubes.

Glass Sheet and Tape Material
Mica Tape material has always been an essential part of the insulation of large rotating machines. This situation still applies today though, for many applications, tapes made from Mica Splittings have been superseded by tapes made from Mica Paper. Dplittings based tapes are still essential where a certain amount of flexibility is required as in end windings of turbine generators, high voltage cables, etc.. A large variety of combinations of backing material, bonding agent and thickness of Mica is available according to the specification of the particular customer.

Moulding Micanite
This material is usually made from layers of clear Indian Mica Splittings held together by a modified shellac bond in order to have the necessary flexibility when warmed for moulding and the mechanical rigidity when set thereafter, Moulding Micanite is used in the manufacture of commutator vee- rings, end caps, tubes, bushes, etc

Heat Resisting Micanite
Heat Resisting Micanite is made from high quality Mica Splittings with the Shellac bond being kept low. The material is made available from both Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica where the maximum working temperature are approximately 600 C and 900 C respectively. Heating Resisting Micanite is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of both domestic and industrial heating applications such as electric iron elements, wound heater elements, cylindrical resistance heaterse etc.

Flexible Micanite
Flexible Micanite is made from clear Mica Splittings bonded together with special flexible bonds which permit forming down to small radii while cold. A variety of bonds is available depending on the temperature characteristics required. These sheets may or may not contain re-enforcing materials such as paper, glass cloth, polyester, etc. These materials are quite flexible and can be cut to desired sizes to permit winding or wrapping into place without heating. This material is used for a wide variety of slot insulations and field coils and generally where cold wrapping of insulation is required. Also used in various electrical appliances such as Generator, Electric Furnace, Magnetic Coil, Coil Insulation, etc.

Tubes and Bushes
ICR has perfected the ability to make tubes of the very highest quality from Micanite. Specially selected grades of Splittings are used for this purpose in order to ensure the possibility of being able to roll even the smallest diameter tuebes. Micanite Tubes and Bushes are used extensively in a wide variety of electrical switchgear and control gear as well as in large variable resistances, brush holder assemblies and commutator.

Commutator / Punched SegmentMica
This product is prepared by pasting Muscovite splittings with an alkyd varnish as a binder in a little amount and processing at a very temperature and high pressure and then grinded .

Commutator Vee Rings
Vee Rings are made from the high quality Moulding Micanite which is made at our works. The hand moulded process gives excellent results but is a very labour intensive and slow method of production. It therefore tends to be used mostly for very large rings where quantities are relatively small.

Washers made from our own Heat Resisting and Moulding Micanites are used in electro-magnets, micro-sensitive control gear and for many other purposes. They are either cut or die stamped from the sheet material according to the customers' drawings.

End Caps and Mouldings

Apart from Vee Rings a variety of other shapes are moulded from Micanite such as End Caps. Channels and Troughs. Angle pieces etc and these are used for a wide variety of applications. The manufacturing methdods are similar to those used in the manufacture of Vee Rings.

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