F o r m s   o f   F a b r i c a t e d    M i c a


The natural structural stability in mica renders it the perfect dielectric with outstanding features of low leakage, great stability under increasing temperature, high insular strength, low rate of solar impurities and reasonable admittance factor. Because of these outstanding features, mica is most suited for use in thermionic valve bridges, cathode ray tube assemblies, condenser plates, domestic elements, stove plates and washers built upto any thickness. In almost all these applications, mica is die-punched and used as such, or with a coating.

Our range of production offer a wide variety of fabricated mica, including transistor mounting washers, trimmer parts, condenser plates as substrates for mica capacitors and specific designs for custom-built applications. You can choose from our available sizes or provide us with your tailor-made drawings / designs, based on which we can make supplies.

Transistor Parts

Power transistors and diodes need an insulation to prevent excessive heat reducing their performance, Precision punched mica washers help the transistor to be insulated from the chassis and to dissipate the heat away from the transistor and other semi-conductors.

Crimped / Corrugated Mica

This is made from Muscovite mica of Bihar origin which withstands high temperatures of above 700C. Corrugated mica is supplied as per customer’s specification. The main use of this type of mica is in soldering irons.


Mica for Liquid Level Indicators

Mica being unaffected by high temperature and high pressure, is an ideal optical medium for checking the measurements in boilers for liquid level and pressure of steam.

Mica Washers

These are mica discs of inferior quality with round opening in the centre, which can be   bonded by shellac or epoxy into considerable lengths. Maximum use is in


Heating Elements

Due to electrical insulation, it is used in irons, toasters, kettle, rice cooker, hair drier, etc. In all these applications, the electrical wire is wound around the mica.

Vaccum Tubes

In the form of bridges or spacers, sheet mica is used in thermionic vacuum tubes, and these serve to hold the tube elements in position, insulated from each other and at uniform distances.


Condensor Plates

Made by die cutting of thin mica films, it is screen printed with silver ink to be used as an electrode in mica capacitors.

Window Mica

Owing to thermal insulation and
transparency, it is used as a see-through medium for kerosene stoves, petromax lamps, furnaces, etc.


Rolled Mica Tube
This tube is made from mica splitting for use in standing temperature of upto 600 C in a very small size.

Wrapper Mica

Made by die-cutting of mica thins, it is corrugated and eventually used in wrapping the heating element of soldering iron.


Strainer Core
Sheet mica having 22 to 93 holes are used as strainers in brass, bronze, aluminium sand castings. Mica strainer, acting as both choked and strainer during pour, helps to eliminate getting casts, dross, contaminated, reduces polishing belt costs, and produces a better and brighter casting. Being inorganic, strainer is easy to place over the sprue hole.


Cut Mica Discs
Die cut or lathe cut round discs are used in liquid level indicators, breathing apparatus, communication devices, fuses, etc.

Trimmer Mica
Made of stacked mica dielectric capacitance units, between two spring nonferrous metal conducting plates ; mounted within a ceramic container, or on a ceramic base. Adjusting screw provides variable compression on the formed metal plate separation.

Backing Mica
These are small cut pieces of mica to be used on both sides of silver mica, to give mechanical strength to mica stacks for building mica capacitors.

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